Poker Society (PokerSoc)

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We run weekly poker tournaments for students at the university. We aim to create a social setting in which students can learn and improve their poker. We plan to enter teams into the national poker championships (e.g. the UK student poker championship) and compete with other universities. We offer a safe environment for individuals to learn the game at their own pace and participate in friendly poker competition. We aim to raise awareness of poker as a complex, skill-based, competitive game and reduce the negative connotations associated with the game. It is also a great opportunity to chill out with friends, and even make a bit of cash. We also have a society leader board and points system.

Be sure to join our Facebook group to be kept up to date with events and times.
If you are new to poker, feel free and familiarise yourself with the basics at: 

Contact Info:

Daniel Denton


Alex Butcher


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Poker Soc meets every Saturday in Derwent (D/L/037) with the tournament starting at 1900 (Registration open from 1845). 
The first 4 weeks will have a free "learn to play" sesion before each tournament (Starting at 1815) for people who want to learn how to play without risking any money.

Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.