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Palestinian Solidarity Society

The Palestinian Solidarity Society is a society that aims to raise awareness and support for Palestinians with a particular focus on human rights and occupation. The society welcomes all members and any students that wish to learn about the issue or express any opinion. Therefore, the society provides an open platform from which a fluid and important dialogue between different campaigns and groups can be stimulated. Our objective is to organise various events and campaigns which will help to raise awareness of Palestinian plight.

More Info:

f: groups/54024772046/

Contact Info:

Find us on FB & twitter.

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Several events a term such as film screenings, speakers, campaigns, cultural events etc (time & venue TBC). We meet every Wednesday.

Committee info

Chairs: Malaika Newsome- Magadza & Konstantina Mirtzani

Secretary: Imogen White

Treasurer: John Paul Belk 

Communications Officer: Layan Okkeh

Social Media Officer: Daniel Goldstraw

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Annual Membership - £4.00

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