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Octopush, aka Underwater Hockey, is a fun team sport and a great way to keep fit. It is played at the bottom of a pool with miniature hockey sticks, a weighted puck and snorkelling equipment. The aim is to push or flick the puck into the goal more times than the opposite team.

Our club prides itself on its relaxed atmosphere and focus on fun, rather than winning, but still managed a great performance at Student Nationals in March 2018! We have also competed in Roses for the last 6 years. Last year we beat Lancaster 12-1 and this year we beat them 11-1!! We are a very sociable group, gathering for food and drink after our sessions and running great socials throughout the year.

Interested in a fun, new challenge? Write us an email or come along to a session to find out more. We welcome everyone to come and try it out, regardless of whether you have any snorkelling experience - we'll teach you everything! Sessions are twice weekly, running from 9-10pm on Monday and Tuesday evenings at the York Sport Village (on Hes East). For the first four weeks of autumn term you can meet some of the committee either on Heslington East or West and we will guide you to the Sports Village. All equipment is provided, and your first 2 sessions are completely free!

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t: UoYOctopush

w: http://uyoc.co.uk/

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