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Mountaineering (Ben Lairig)

Hi there,

We are Ben Lairig, a mountaineering club at York (not to be confused with the Mountaineering club), we climb to the top of mountains across the UK such as Lake DistrictSnowdonia and various places in Scotland. This can range from hiking up a few mountains to scrambling up an exposed, steep ridge whilst using maps and compasses to navigate ourselves to the top.
During the winter we will use winter gear (ice axes and crampons) in the winter for safe traversing and ascending across snowy or icy ground. These skills are taught during our Winter Skills trip in January by guides in the Cairngorms.
Our trips are for a full weekend where we'll camp or stay in a bunkhouse for Friday and Saturday night. However the best way to see what we do is to come on a trip!

We also have weekly socials every Tuesday to various pubs and bars around York

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If you are interested in rock climbing head over to our buds at YUMC (listed under climbing) who do bouldering, top roping, sport and trad climbing.

More Info:

f: groups/benlairig

Contact Info:

Just send us an email or post on the Facebook page, if we do our job right we should respond quickly either way

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

We usually run trips every two weeks! If you love us too much and two weeks seems like too long to go without seeing us then we do socials every Tuesday to pubs and bars around York which are quite relaxed and a good place to meet us before you're forced to spend a night in a tent with us!

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