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Metal & Alternative Music Society (The Fringe)

The Metal and Alternative Music Society, more commonly know as The Fringe, is the one and only campus haven for the alternative fans amongst you. We span across the genres to give everyone a chance to express themselves and showcase the music they love, be it hard hitting and groovy industrial, spacey and chilled prog, classic rock and roll or neck wrecking, hair tangling death metal. Whatever your music taste, dress code or hair style, you are certain to find a home with us.

Our main objective here at The Fringe is to make sure no-one goes to a gig alone, as an experince shared with friends is one you'll never forget! The Fringe also have links in the local alternative community, and can be seen on regular visits to our favourite bars on our weekly bar crawls, big nights out, and on Fringe invasions of major alternative clubs both in York and further afield with other rock societies. We also regularly attend local gigs and events with heavy Fringe involvement. If you are more of a chilled person who prefers to stay in some nights, we cater to you with the Fringe Radio every Sunday at 11pm. With the addition of seasonal fringe events including a summer social and the “infamous” Fringe Christmas party, we can guarantee that the best time you will spend at York University will be with us.

Contact Info:

Connor Straker


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Fringe Bar Crawls Every Friday - Check our Facebook group for times/venues as they are always changing.

Club Nights - At the moment we regularly attend rock nights at Dusk on Thursdays. More details of these nights are on our facebook page.

Film Nights - At least twice a term we hold film nights, where we explore the alternative side of cinema. Expect horror, dark humour, and a good time all round.

Fringe Invasions - At least once every year we go to visit our friends in other rock societies such as Sheffield and Leeds for an amazing night out with fellow alternative music fans! Make sure you don't miss this as it's a great opportunity to make new friends.

Gigs and Festivals - Both officially and unofficially, the Fringe is a place to find fellow festival goers and gig mates. Damnation Festival in Leeds is a tradition, and this year we also had a big delegation at the always amazing Bloodstock Festival!

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