Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Meditation Society (MeditationSoc)

Weekly meditation and discussion group at the University of York. Aiming to cultivate mindfulness in an open, accessible, secular space.

MeditationSoc is a society that examines the way in which we meditate and offers a platform for people to discuss their experiences with meditation together. The society takes a secular approach but offers a space in which to talk about contemplation and insight from the lens of any spirtual practice. We hold a session every Monday evening for around 90 minutes consisting of two guided meditations and discussion alongwith the occasional interesting excerpt. 

We hope to create an open, accessible, relaxed environment which encourages members, of all experience levels, to share their insights and, more generally, where they're at along the path.

Also, we're a free society.


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More Info:

f: UoYMeditationSociety

Contact Info:

Rob Durant


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Monday 6:30pm-7pm


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