LGBTQ Social

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LGBTQ Social provides a friendly, safe environment for all non-heterosexual and/or non-cisgendered students at York. We aim to run events twice weekly, ranging from movie nights to fancy dress bar crawls. We also have contacts with other university LGBTQ societies for joint community and socials.

We aim to provide a sense of community for students who may feel anxious to attend other events because of their sexual orientation/identity and foster connections with other societies in the university to promote inclusivity.

Contact Info:

Monta Drozdova, Chair

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Due to the varying nature of the socials, the days we do them are different each week. We aim to have one non-drinking "chill" social on campus or in a town coffee shop and then one drinking social a week. The exact days and times are communicated via e-mail and Facebook.

Sign up for our mailing list here: or drop us an email for more information!

If you'd like to join our secret FB group, emailing is once again the way to go. :)


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