Langwith College Student Association

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As one of the oldest college’s on campus, being a Langwith student comes with a lot of spirit and traditions, which you will soon realise when you find yourself chanting “Langwith ‘till I die” at the back of the bus in Fresher’s Week. Another tradition, our termly formals, are planned by the Langwith College Student Association (LCSA), a committee which works closely with the College Team and aims to provide you with the best college experience. There are plenty of opportunities to #getinvolved with at Langwith whether you want to volunteer, join a sports team, or put your acting skills to the test in our famous Christmas production. Talk to any of us and it is clear how proud we are to be from Langwith, so if you do pick us, get ready to be welcomed home to the best college on campus.

Committee info

The Langwith College Student Association represents all students in Langwith. They are there to organise all the events and activities, as well as making sure you feel safe and happy. Easily the biggest event they plan each year is Fresher’s Week, however the fun doesn’t stop there. From weekly traditions such as Free Food Thursday where the LCSA cook for the whole of Langwith, to termly bar crawls, to yearly events such as the Summer Fete, the LCSA plans it all!


LCSA Exec:



Harjeet Ahluwalia



Lottie Jones



Shannon Hobbs



Tati Penfold

Vice-President of Events


Alex Talberg

Deputy-President of Wellbeing


Nick Frost

Vice-President of Activities

The full LCSA Committee is as follows:

  • Nicole Mavin – Events officer

  • Olivia Jennings – Events officer

  • Luke McCabe – Sports officer

  • Sianee Williams – Sports officer

  • Salman Raza – Sports officer

  • Mike Gaffney – Sports officer

  • Jack Train – Disabilities officer

  • Faith Phillips – BAME officer

  • Amara Barrett-Willett – BAME officer

  • Will Wright – Male Wellbeing and Community officer

  • Nicolle Gonouya – Female Wellbeing and Community officer

  • Hala Riad – International Wellbeing officer

  • Olivia Watkins – LGBTQ officer

  • Shery Altaf – Sponsorship officer

  • Joe Watters – Volunteering officer

  • Hattie Bishop – Volunteering officer

  • Amara Copsey – RAG officer

  • Evie Hebden – RAG officer

  • Alyson Leonard – General officer

  • Emma Lumsdon – General officer

  • Gus Walters – Merchandise officer

  • Luke James – Merchandise officer