Langwith College Student Association

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As one of the oldest college’s on campus, being a Langwith student comes with a lot of spirit and traditions, which you will soon realise when you find yourself chanting “Langwith ‘till I die” at the back of the bus in Fresher’s Week. Another tradition, our termly formals, are planned by the Langwith College Student Association (LCSA), a committee which works closely with the College Team and aims to provide you with the best college experience. There are plenty of opportunities to #getinvolved with at Langwith whether you want to volunteer, join a sports team, or put your acting skills to the test in our famous Christmas production. Talk to any of us and it is clear how proud we are to be from Langwith, so if you do pick us, get ready to be welcomed home to the best college on campus.

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