Knitting and Crochet Society (KnitSoc)

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A laid-back and friendly weekly evening of yarn and fibre crafts! Meet other wooly-minded individuals as you/we/eveyone participates in their knitting/crotcheting/spinning/sewing(except there is another society for this, but hey, we won't throw you out)/whatever-other-fibre-based-craft projects, we also have many willing members who can happily teach these crafts, we share tips and pointers and have rich discussion on all the crafts encompassed and of course casual conversation is encouraged, relished, and generally really funny.

More Info:

f: groups/117772268307222

Contact Info:

Your Commitee are:
Rachel Liu - Chair
Charlotte Wringe - Secretary
Emma Holwill - Treasurer

And you can contact us, by sending an email to:

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Each and Every Friday during term-time, at 19:30, in Vanbrugh Senior Common Room (SCR).

Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.