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Japanese Society

Each Wednesday from 6:30-7:30, the society hosts its weekly conversation class. The aim of these classes are to get non Japanese people to start speaking the language, but also strengthen their use of the language, all whilst having fun at the same time. The classes are split up into three groups: beginner, intermediate and advanced and each individual chooses the group they feel most applicable to them. The classes not only provide non Japanese students with a way of learning the language but also provide Japanese students with a place to hang about, socialise and talk with others. Every other week we will have a fun event which can be a movie screening, origami sessions, a karaoke night and many other events. We aim to collaborate with various societies so do look forward to meeting and socialising with other students. If you have any great idea for a social or event, don't hesitate and come speak to us.

The society not only provides conversation classes but host a variety of other events including the annual Matsuri and the occasional Sushi party. These are events aimed at introducing people at York University to the lifestyle and culture of Japan. These past events have been very successful with large turnouts and we hope to host these events in the future.

We have also taken part in the Cultural Performance and Food Fiesta hosted by the ISA as part of global week. We have been successful in both of these events. We're always looking for keen students that want to contribute to the Cultural Performance with their great dance skills or fun ideas.

Contact Info:

Anya Stocks


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Every Wednesday, generally from 6:30 - 7:30 in Alcuin East Wing or Alcuin Teaching block we hold our weekly conversation classes. The location and the time at which these classes are held are confirmed in the weekly email.

Committee meetings are Wednesday afternoon before conversation class, in which we discuss plans for future events and things which need to be done over the following couple of weeks. This will be in the same room the class is held in.

Large scale events such as the annual Matsuri have been held in the Exhibition Centre. Other events such as occasional Sushi parties have been held off campus. 

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