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James College students are all very proud to be a part of the most diverse, sociable, friendly and sporty college at York. From the hardworking college team, to your enthusiastic JCRC, and most importantly the students themselves, everyone in Team James plays a part in making our college the best it can possibly be. We’re perfectly placed at the heart of campus, have some of the best accommodation across the uni, and all first years can enjoy catering together!

Your student experience at York is made by your college and that’s why we put on such a wide range of events for all. Highlights from the past year have included our incredible Fresher’s and Refresher’s Weeks, our very own James vs. York St. John University sports varsity, the massively popular pub quiz, trips to Whitby and Alton Towers, as well as our many free food giveaways and big one-off day events. There’s so much to get involved with and so many reasons to be proud of being a part of Team James.

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