Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

James College Junior Common Room

James College celebrates the diversity of it students and offers a wide range of opportunities for them to meet new people and try new experiences. We pride ourselves on our strong community spirit, where everyone feels valued and encouraged to make the most out of their time at University.

James College has the best events, facilities and sports teams around. On top of that, we are the only college where all First Year students are in catered rooms, so all of our Freshers eat together Monday-Friday. This gives us a fantastic community atmosphere, where no one ever needs to feel alone.

We have a wide variety of events on offer, from quizzes to club nights to trips; we aim to cater for every type of person that comes to York and that starts in Freshers Week. In 2018 we offered the best variety of Non Clubbing and Clubbing events on campus and we aim to do the same in 2019.

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Committee info


Chair - Jack Edwards

Secretary - Seb Carreer

Treasurer - Calvin Haire

Head of Events - Will Wilson

Head of Sport - Peter Williams

Head of Community - Sara Ahmad



Deputy Head of Events - Zulekha Samuillah

Deputy Head of Sport - George Pullin

Deputy Head of Community - Narissa Hamdam



LGBTQ+ Representative - Robyn Stalham

BAME Representative - Isabelle Abraham

Disables Students' Representative - Victoria Cornford

International Students' Representatives - Linnea Erasmie-Jones and Sophie Schulze

Mature Students' Officer - Max Jeffers

Women's Representative - Amelia Evans



Amy Booth

Elizabeth Michelle Jacobs

Em Thompson

Joanna Panas

Natasha Dhawan

Sophie Rowe

Tamazeir Chowdhury