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Islamic Society

The Islamic Society at York is a good meeting place, for Muslims, as well as for others with an interest in Islam, to meet and get to know each other. It aims to support Muslim students, and to enlighten all about Islam with sincerity.

Aims and objectives:
• provide spiritual, social, academic and welfare support to Muslim students through organising various events and activities
• reflect and enhance understanding of fundamental teachings of Islam to Muslims and non Muslims, through discussion and debate.
• providing important services to Muslim students such as weekly Friday prayer on campus
• to present a positive image of Islam and tackle the common misconceptions of Islam
• work to engage and maintain a harmonious relationship with other societies and the community
• work to act in accordance with the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (SAWS)

• membership is open to all-students and staff.
• any member of the public who is not a member of the university may join the ISOC as an “associate member” and are free to attend and engage in certain society events decided upon by the committee but have no voting rights conferred on them.
• membership is provisional until the membership fee of £5 is paid (contributes towards cost of running events such as socials-food etc). Membership can be bought on-line from YUSU website of from any of the committee members.
• the committee reserves the right to revoke membership of an individual who brings society into disrepute or breaches the constitution.
• members have the right to vote at committee elections and attend all events.

York ISOC is affiliated with YUSU (York University Student Union) and FOSIS (Federation of Student Islamic Societies). The ISOC is a non-politically affiliated society.

Contact Info:

Waheed Kalungi—President

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

We have weekly events, to stay up to date please like our facebook page and group:

Committee info

Zahid Desai—Vice President 

Muhammad Moeen—Treasurer

Ahmed Idris—Secretary 

Moaad Gashut—Events’ Lead

Arub Sheikh—Events Officer  

Adeel Ali —Events Officer 

Youssef El Togby—Social Media Officer


You can join this student group by buying one of the memberships below:

Annual Membership - £5.00

Annual Membership