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International Development Society

The society aims to connect students with an interest in international development and create a platform for students to engage with, learn about, and make a positive contribution in the field of international development. To achieve this, it operates through awareness and exchange. The society hosts panels of guest speakers, regular discussion evenings and other events as well as arranging trips to conferences in order to raise awareness and create a nonpartisan platform for exchange and dialogue on pertinent issues in international development spanning a wide range of disciplines. To achieve this goal, the society also hosts the York Conference on International Development, a weekend-long of talks and workshops aimed to meet the participants' interests in international development. The society involves students in advocacy and awareness campaigns on issues in international development. We will provide a platform for students looking for information regarding charities or different campaigns that they might be interested in. The society facilitates the provision and sharing of information and advice to and amongst members of the society and beyond about work and volunteering opportunities in the international development sector in the UK and abroad. This is complemented by social activities aimed at encouraging members to interact on a more personal level and to develop a healthy identity for the society.

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Kitty Ive 


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Monday, 7-8:30 in AEW/105

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