Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Indonesian Society

This society is aiming to share Indonesian culture, such as food, music and dance to students at the university.

More Info:

f: indosocyork

i: ppiyork


Contact Info:

Elisabeth Oktofani


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

At least 2 events each term. All events take place on campus.

Committee info


Gracia Paramitha 

Vice Chair:

Omi Ongge 


Elisabeth Oktofani 

Ratu Sumampouw 


Gema Hakim 

Media & Communication:

Natasha Marxyz 

Event Officer: 

Tasha Stefani Wiradjaja and Adinda Bisma

Social and Cultural Officer :

Yumechris Amekan and Louisa Janice Kamajaya

You can join this student group by buying one of the memberships below:

Annual Membership - £3.00

Annual Membership