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HAZSoc is a society that organises large campus games that can be played by anyone and everyone. Primarily we set up and run safe games of: Assassin Circle, Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) and any other well known game that can be ran with nerf guns, as well as organising other fun events and socials such as our 2.8 hours later bar crawl which is a zombie bar crawl ran on campus using the Campus bars. We also offer prizes for various things during our events ( creative kills, funny deaths etc).

Humans Vs Zombies is a week long game where indoors is safe but once humans step outside they can be tagged by a zombie and join the undead horde if they fail to pull the trigger fast enough. We identify humans with orange armbands and zombies with either orange headbands or green armbands.

Assassins Circle is basically like the first multiplayer for assassins creed, you sign up and give us a selfie, your college and what you study, you are then given other peoples details in the form of Assassins Contracts and have to hunt them down before your hunters find you. Let the paranoia consume you.

More Info:

f: groups/hazsocyork

Contact Info:

Harry Tindale - Chair


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

This year we will be running a game of Humans Vs Zombies in week 4 and a game of Assassins circle in week 7, plus games every wednesday ( see our facebook page for updates on where) as well as other events throughout the first term. Our games for term 2 aren't set in stone yet but there will likewise be 2 bigger games ran then as well.

Committee info

Chair - Harry Tindale

Treasurer - Kieran Cowan

Secretary - Jay Dyer

Press and Publicity officer - Isabelle Langdon

Ordinary Member - Mei Ling To

Ordinary Member - Eric Walker

Ordinary Member - Jack Doddy

Students can join up online by using the link below. You must be logged in using your university account.

Staff/Guests should registered an account then email itcoordinator@yusu.org to verify their account.


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