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Halifax College Students' Association


Halifax college is the biggest (and best) college on campus. Although slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of campus (but a short distance from the best sandwich shop on earth), Halifaxs presence is loud and proud. We are the current college sport cup winners, have amazing volunteering opportunities and always triumph on our RAG efforts. Our events are the diverse from our biweekly open mic nights and quiz to the brand new “Halifax Emporium” a student Festival ran for students by students, Halifax is popping off every day of the week. Halifax wellbeing works hard to keep halifax healthy and happy based on student feedback about what issues matter to them, with lots of events throughout the year such as pre meets before socials for BAME, LGTBQ+ and International students. Being the underdogs of the uni and the biggests and youngest college, there is plenty of space to grow, create new traditions, and let your voice be heard. So if you’re looking to make your mark- this is the college for you.

Our Freshers’ Week

A smashing introduction to life at Halifax: renowned for it’s live music night with a famous act, a variety of unique events and not to mention being the only college to single handedly pack out clubs-- Halifax Freshers week is not to be missed.

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Contact Info:

President - Hannah Sackville-Bryant -

Committee info

The HCSA College Committee represents all students in Halifax College. The Committee works hard to bring you the best events at the cheapest prices possible. As well as being in charge of leading top notch sports teams, offering amazing volunteering opportunities and listening to Halifax students about what wellbeing services matter to them. We organise the greatest freshers week, a sell out Christmas formal, bangin bi weekly events such as the quiz and open mic night, as well as out there events, such as a spring formal- on a boat.

Introducing your committee...

Executive Committee

President - Hannah Sackville-Bryant

Events Vice President - Ollie Martin

Wellbeing Vice President - James Mortimer

Sports and Activities - Brandon Minichiello

Treasurer - Josh Broadhurst

Secretary - James Strong

Events Subcommittee·     

-Events Officer- Lizzie Lasisi, Anna Kpikpi, Amber Walker

-2nd and 3rd year events officers – George Grice and Harry Meadows

-Marketing officer – Anna Spowage

-Web officer

-Tech officer – Nathan Billis

Sport and Activities Subcommittee

-RAG officers - Rafee Jenkins, Tom Parker, Lewis Russell, Katie Summerfield

-Sport Officers - Harry Pratt, Jessica O'Sullivan, Cesar Bosinceanu

-Environment officer – Cameron Naylor

Wellbeing and Liberation Subcommittee:

·       Gender equalities officers – Genevieve Reeves and Alyssa Reed

·       International Officer – Alex Ionascu

·       BAME officer – Mohib Khail

·       LGBTQ+ officer – Gemma Card

·       Wellbeing officers - Lottie Stone, Molly Durant, Hannah Benton


Additional info

Get Involved

There are loads of opportunities to get involved with Halifax College, most notably through College RAG and Sport.

College RAG is our way of giving back to the community through our college charity partner, York Mind. We try to raise as much money as possible through hosting large and small events throughout the year.

College Sport is a fun and competitive element of college life at York. There are no trials or tryouts, if you want to play you can. There are no membership fees, it's all free. Sports include: Football, Netball, Rugby, Badminton, Volleyball, Squash and many others.

To find out more information go to the Halifax College Sports Page or the Halifax College RAG facebook page where information will be posted throughout or contact

If wellbeing is more your passion and you think your STYCs have been stella, apply to be a STYC or Head STYC next Freshers Week! If you would like to get involved with our student led wellbeing ventures, making schemes such as the HCSA and college funded condom corner a reality- send us a message on the wellbeing facebook page!