Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Games and Roleplay York Society (GARY)

We're a large mix of people intrested in almost every nerdy thing under the sun, if you want to chill out and play some games you're in the right place

More Info:

f: groups/989462304443087

Contact Info:

President: Riley Steer

Secretary: Ishmail Bari


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

The following is our standard event list, it does change as we add and move around events. To stay up to date subscribe via URL to our google calendar -

Monday: Boardgames 20:00 G/N/020

Tuesday: Nothing

Wednesday: Cardgames 19:00 G/N/010

Thursday: Cardgames 19:00 G/N/002, Boardgames 20:00 G/N/020, Wargames G/N/010

Friday: Roleplays 18:00 G/N/001

Saturday: Wargames 10:00 G/N/001

Sunday: Nothing

Anyone wanting to sign-up to the society needs to complete the following sign-up form. Link -



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Annual Membership - £4.00

Annual Membership