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DevSoc provides members with lectures, tutorials and networking opportunities in our regular meet-ups. We cater for every skill level, ranging from basic lessons in programming and 3D modelling for the complete beginners to socials where members are encouraged to form their own development teams and work on their own game projects for the more advanced or enthusiastic members.

We also offer talks and lectures, some of which are interactive discussions on different aspects of game development and others of which are presentations by industry and research professionals.

Interest or experience in any of the disciplines relevant to the video games industry are welcome, so if you are an artist, animator, 3D modeller, sound designer, composer, programmer, writer, game designer or even interested in video games purely from a research standpoint, DevSoc has something to offer you regardless of your pre-existing skill level.

Contact Info:

Joni Lev


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Tuesdays (1900-2030) – Talks & Socials (Discussions on game design/development and fun outings/gatherings of society members, non-drinkers welcome!)

Wednesdays (1400-1700) – Development Workshops (Learn game development and work on personal projects in a social setting)


We also provide working space for all members during Ludum Dare in Winter and Spring.

Students can join up online by using the link below. You must be logged in using your university account.


Join Online From 24th August