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Floorball, also known as unihockey, is a kind of indoor hockey that is best imagined as like ice hockey but without the ice. The game is fast-paced, energetic and very easy to pick up and play! It is a non-contact sport and only a basic level of fitness is encouraged to have fun.

Our sessions twice a week on campus make up the majority of our play, where we play fun games and improve our skills whilst keeping ourselves fit by running around! Our club is friendly and fairly casual; we do play matches across the year but we do not participate in BUCS or Roses (still waiting on Lancaster to create a team). There will be chances to represent the University of York in matches against other universities and floorball clubs across the year in friendly games, and we are hopeful of participating in one-day tournaments too. 

All players are very welcome to one session free of charge - all subsequent sessions require our membership, in conjunction with the YUSU AU fee.

Floorball Club welcomes beginners and professional to come and learn the game and have fun with us throughout the year! All equipment is provided.

Contact Info:

Please like our Facebook page! @UoYFloorball

Instagram: uoy_floorball

Snapchat: uoyfloorball

If you have any questions at all, please either Private Message the Facebook page or alternatively email us: floorball@yusu.org

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Thursdays 20:30 - 22:00

Saturdays 15:30 - 17:30

Location: The Arena, Sports Centre, Hes West

Committee info

We have five members on our committee: President, Team Captain, Treasurer, Social Secretary and Media Secretary. We are all playing members at the club and in the team.

Additional info

You will need to purchase the Black Tier AU fee in order to purchase membership for our club. This fee is a requirement of the York Sport Union and covers insurance and hall bookings for our club. You only need to purchase the Black Tier AU fee once in order to participate in as many sports clubs as you like that require this membership!

Here is the link to purchase the membership: https://www.yusu.org/groups/black-tier-au-membership

AU Fee Required

This club is a Black tier sports club.

You must have already purchased a Black tier membership. If you have a Gold tier membership you can upgrade to a Black.

You can purchase a Black tier membership (full or upgrade) here


The club has the following memberships available online.

The club does not have any memberships available to purchase online. Please contact the club directly to find out ways of getting involved.

Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.