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Entrepreneurs Society (EntSoc)

Entrepreneurship is both a skill and career choice that anyone get involved in regardless of interest and ambition. Our society members range from enviromental scientists to novelists to hockey players and much more meaning if you're passionate about starting your own business, the Entrepreneurs Society is the right place for you. 

Since 2004, The Entrepreneurs society has dedicated its resources and efforts to ensuring the University of York has an active and engaging environment where those who share strong interests in entrepreneurial practises can come to make friends, share their ideas and learn new things. From a wide range of various events and guest speakers to competitions and group projects, the Entrepreneurs Society ensures that members not only feel involved within the society but moreover that those participating in competitions and events have something that they can take away from their time. 

The Entrepreneurs Society is largely driven by the creative ideas generated by its extensive member base, allowing those who actively participate to influence the future decisions of events and group projects. As a result of this, the Entrepreneurs Society has grown into one of the largest student led societies within the University of York and so it goes without saying that the cooperation between members is what truly drives the society. 

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President - Ashley Anderson (

Vice-President - Cameron Aitken (

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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

We organise society meetings regularly, the venue depends on the rooms the university has available. 

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