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Effective Altruism York

Effective altruism is about answering one simple question: how can we use our resources to help others the most? We are the York student group, part of this global movement of people who use evidence and reason to find the best ways to do good in the world. 

Ever wondered which charities help people the most with your money? Or which career will enable you to have the biggest positive impact on the world? We run discussions and workshops based on the ideas of Effective Altruism, as well as having regular socials at cafes and pubs in town. We also host guest speakers to talk about topics such as effective charities, existential risk and animal welfare.

It's free to come along and whether you've never heard of effective altruism before, or are already involved, we'd love to meet you!

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President - Finn Hambly (fjbh500)

Vice-President - Morgan Simpson

Treasurer - Amy Curtin

Secretary - Ellie Crane

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