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Ever fancied learning to DJ or hosting a club night or event? Whether you're an aspiring DJ, are interested in planning and hosting club nights and events, or are just interested in music in general and want to get involved in something new: Breakz has something to offer to you. Breakz is the University's DJing society, but we don't just need DJs; if you're an MC, if you enjoy graphic design, or have a head for business, or if you enjoy web design and promotion, there's a place for you in Breakz. We perform at events on and off-campus throughout the year, as well as hosting our own events and socials. Breakz itself is a brand name around York, most famous for its underground and alternative nights which give you something different on a night out. By joining Breakz, you're joining a big family of avid music lovers with varied tastes and a passion for event hosting, so you'll be sure to find people with similar tastes and styles to network with. All skills levels are welcome, and our mixing sessions are very laid-back and casual, where everyone can practice to their heart's content, as well as take a step back and learn from each other. Whether you're an absolute novice, or already a pro DJ, you're welcome in Breakz! Just get in touch or come along to a meeting or our GIAG session if this interests you! 

Our Aims:

The society aims to provide a medium for students to further their interests and careers in DJing, event management, and to network with like-minded music enthusiasts. We aim to provide tuition in DJing to our members, and to give them a platform to perform at, as well as work together to host events, leaving room for roles in promotion, graphic design, event planning and communication.

In particular this year, our specific aims shall be:

To further branch out and add to the society's numbers and increase our cohort.

To host more varied events and invite in new styles and ideas into the society.


In the last year, our major achievements have been:

Established a presence on campus, increasing our reputation and cohort. Continued to provide quality performances and host reputable club nights and events. Hosted some of the best and most famous underground DJs from all over the country, the likes of Ivy Lab, Icicle and Lone among others.

Contact Info:

Max Scott - President

Beth Murray - Secretary

Committee info

Max Scott - Presdient

Beth Murray - Secretary 

Alexei - Graphic Design and Head of Social

Martin Burrows - Treasurer 

Cesar Falco - Head of Videography and Photography

Students can join up online by using the link below. You must be logged in using your university account.

Staff/Guests should registered an account then email to verify their account.


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