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Daoist Arts (DaoSoc)



So what is the Daoist Arts Society?


In a nutshell: Daoist Physical Spiritual Warrior Energy Practice.  


This involves exercises that are thousands of years old that have a multitude of health, fitness, cultural, spiritual benefits as well as being an out of the box outlook on life (if you know 100 Eyes from Marco Polo something like that !)


We are a friendly group that does Lishi, an ancient movement & exercise system that is Daoist and from China.  It gets you fitter, healthier, more focused, relaxed and also energised.  And you might find you smile more too!


We learn a Daoist art and science which teaches the cultivation of Qi (the body's natural energy). You will be introduced to a range of exercises that make up Lishi. These include:


Daoist forms including the Square Yard, Flying Hands and sword, silk and staff forms

Kai Men – a system of Daoist Yoga to open up the meridians

Dao Yin – breathing exercises for good health and energy cultivation

Qi Gong – learn how to use and direct your intrinsic energy

Kung Fu/ Feng Shou (Hand of the Wind) – a dynamic system of self-defence

Meditation - Standing and Still exercises to Focus the mind 


Here is a video of what a class can be like:


There is FREE membership at freshers or the first 15 people to sign up in 2018, along with your first class FREE!


Facebook or email us if you want to claim the FREE membership we need your name, email address.  Any questions just ask :))


The first classes will be Tues 2nd Oct 3-5pm, James Hall and Saturday 6th October 4pm James Hall! <3


We go for food after class sometimes and have other relaxed socials!

More Info:

f: lishi.york

Contact Info:



Sergiu Ruta



Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Tuesdays 3-5pm, James Hall.

Saturdays 4-5pm, James Hall.


Prices are:

£5 for the first 3 classes with membership


Classes are £29 for the year to attend any classes (with membership included)


£3 per class per student 

Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.

You can join this student group by buying one of the memberships below:

Annual Membership - £5.00

Annual Membership