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We provide fun, affordable classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Street, Zumba, Body conditioning, Contemporary and Commercial styles which offer members a great way to stay fit, develop their dance technique and meet new people. We cater for all abilities in a relaxed environment, with all styles except Intermediate and Advanced Ballet taught by fellow students. Intermediate and Advanced Ballet are taught by an external professional teacher following a more traditional, classical curriculum. We take part in high quality performances on and off campus throughout the year, as well as inter-university competitions including, Durham Dance Fusion, Loughborough Dance Competition (the largest in the UK!), and Roses. We are committed to encouraging all members - from complete beginners to advanced - to embrace performance opportunities and get involved with the many exciting social events we hold throughout the year.

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Megan Agalawatte & Hannah Priday


Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Please refer to our Autumn Timetable at or on our facebook page

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