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Have you ever been curious about the secret lives of hackers? Do you want to learn about how to secure or exploit computers for fun and profit? CyberSoc is the place for you! We’re a dedicated bunch of enthusiasts and learners, with a range of fun activities for beginners and veterans of cyber security alike. Come along to one of our workshops to learn how to properly secure your personal devices, disappear from the internet, or even compete in hacking competitions!

More Info:

f: cybersocyork

Contact Info:

Email us at - cyber [at] yusu [dot] org

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

We run workshops and socials every few weeks.

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Committee info

President - Asher Caswell

Secretary - Alexander Newton

Treasurer - Osedebame Oaiya

Outreach Officer - unfilled

Event Officer - Peter Walkington

Press & Publicity - George Tattersal & Milan Makwana

Postgraduate Officer - Paul Williams

Sysadmin - Llywelyn Clay-Mitchel

Officers Without Portfolio - Daniel Vaughan & Willow Capel

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