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Crime and Criminal Justice

The Crime and Criminal Justice society is not just for anyone who's degree focuses or even slightly touches on crime but also for those with an interest in such an enthralling topic. Over the next academic year there will be a series of incredibly interesting speakers invited to the university to discuss their involvement with the criminal justice system. Guests range from members of the police force, ex offenders and criminal law professionals. If that's not enough for you, we'll be organising trips to criminology conferences, prisons and the Old Bailey along with socials every half term! You'll also be kept up to date with crime related news and events in our monthly newsletter. If you find crime and criminal justice as interesting as we do then what are you waiting for?!


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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Meetings and venues will vary as we have loads of fantastic events planned throughout the year!

Committee info

President - Laurel Ellis

Secretary - Sophie Goodwin 

Treasurer - Ibrahim Hoti 

Social Secretary - Rashmi Dayanand

Advertisement - Jakub Kozłowski 


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