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Constantine College Student Association

Welcome to the newest college and very best college at the University of York - all of the other colleges are jealous of The Fourm: a great social and work space! To us, Constantine is more than just accommodation – to us, the college is a community. As well as being new, Constantine is known as the greenest college and most inclusive college. Whether you’re a student who lives on campus or off-campus, there is always something to do. So that’s why the fun doesn’t stop after Fresher’s Week. We put on a programme of events which will cover all of your needs, whether it’s one of our sports teams, our weekly hula-hoop classes, gardening club, games nights or one of our famous Bar Crawls, there is always something to do! So by choosing Constantine College you have made the two best decisions of your life. Decision one was deciding to come the University of York. Decision two was choosing Constantine as your new home! #welcomehome #pinkarmy

Our Freshers’ Week

Our Freshers week is by far the best on Campus and despite being the newest college we are quickly building a very strong reputation as one of the nuttiest, with everyone braced and ready for a good night out. This year we have some great themes planned which should make all 4 of our exquisitely planned club nights even better!

We have a full week of events and activities for you to do during Freshers’ Week. We have a range of activities for those who don’t want to go out every night, and there are loads of daytime events: everything from free food to a trip to York’s Bowling Alley. Keep an eye out on our official Facebook page for information on what events will be taking place each day. To find out more information about the CSA, Freshers Week, your first Year, and Arrivals Day, visit our website!

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Contact Info:

President - Nic Defaux - 

Facebook - Nic Defaux 

Ill get back to you as soon as I can with any questions you may have!

Committee info

The Constantine Students Association (CSA) represents all students in Constantine College. The committee is made up of 6 executive officers and over 20 officers! As a new college, the committee works on devising a clear ethos for the college and building a strong college spirit! #pinkarmy #pinkandproud

Every year the CSA puts on all the events that you will attend during Freshers’ Week. But we don’t stop there; we put on lots of weekly events such as our Hula Hoop exercise classes and a weekly free food event – ConstanTreat.  We run many campaigns such as SHAG Week [Sexual Health, Advice and Guidance Week]. As well as putting on formal for all of our student, we celebrate the end of the year with ConstanChill. As a new college we are always looking for extra help and suggestions for events that you want us to put on. So if you have an idea of an event, we will help you put it on and run it. If you have any suggestions you can message our facebook page or pop a message in our suggestion box – which can be found in the Forum.



President - Nic Defaux

Vice President - Jamie Saunders

Chair of Social Engagement - Meg Whitehead

Chair of Sports - Cherele Clarke

Chair of Community and Wellbeing - Jess Sawford

Treasurer - Emily Thorburn


Vice Chair of Social Engagement - Jonathan Gardner

Vice Chair of Community - Joe Collins

Student Support and Wellbeing Officers - Niamh Cunningham, Bethany McLaine, Jessica Matthews

International Students' Officer - Zeynep Ulas

BAME Officer - Daiya Dhillon

LGBTQ Officer - Blaise Prokesz

Access and Disability Officer -

Off-Campus Officer -

Postgraduate and Mature Students' Officer - 

Events Officers - Jordan Pretty, Telis Vassiliou

Events Coordinator - Cait Hutchinson

Activities Officer -

Activities Coordinator - Thomas Oliver

Sports Officer -  Tanatswa Maturure

Sponsorship and Business Relations Officer -

Merchandise Officer - Poppy Alice Townson

Environment and Elthics Officer - Aniqah Bashir

Sports Captains Coordinator - Adam Stansfield

Photographer and Videographer - Liam Blake and Chelsie Brandrick

Graphic Designer - Maham Shafique

RAG Officer - Grace Collum, Andy Tallon

Digital Marketing Officer -