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The Classics Society aims to deliver a place for the study and discussion of the ancient world. We run weekly Latin learning and cultural discussion sessions, both of which are accesible to all students- regardless of previous knowledge. The following will make clear the function of these sessions.





For two hours each Sunday, a student-run Latin course will take place. The Society will follow the Cambridge Latin Course books one through five and the first half of each session will be spent going through the next section- translating and acting out passages in groups, and completing and peer-marking exercises. For the remaining half of the session, the Society will turn its attention to a text of some significance- literary, political or otherwise, and decided by members- which will be translated and, toward the end of the session, written up by a scribe from each group to be compared with eachothers' and scholarly translations.


For an hour each Thursday, the society will meet up to discuss matters of classical relevance. The general subject matter will vary week by week, cycling through mythology to art, history to philosophy, literature to music and politics to war. The structure of the hour is flexible and dependant on the nature of discussion, for example, some weeks may consist of group readings and discussions of texts, others of lectures or speeches, and some will take the form of debate. Despite the variety from meeting to meeting, all share the common aim of reducing ignorance.



Contact Info:

Secretary | Eleanor Jones

Meeting Days, Times and Venue


Sunday | 17:00-19:00 | G/N/001


Thursday | 18:30-19:30 | G/N/001


Any changes to time/venue will be announced via email and the facebook page.

Committee info

Chair- Timothy Conlan | Treasurer- James Faulkner | Secretary- Eleanor Jones

Students can join up online by using the link below. You must be logged in using your university account.

Staff/Guests should registered an account then email to verify their account.


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