Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Chess Society (ChessSoc)

We host weekly chess sessions every Monday evening in D-Bar (Derwent College) from 19:30 onwards. These are informal social events and we welcome everyone regardless of ability or experience. Every term our tournament director will organise at least one tournament for members to enter. We also offer coaching.

If you are not impressed by this, and take your chess seriously, do not fear.  We play chess competitively in the local league each week and once a year in the Roses varsity against Lancaster. We are the 2015-2016 season York Chess League winners.

We also play chess variants including:

Grand chess, bughouse chess, four player chess, chess960, ...

Whether you want to be the new Magnus Carlsen, or you just want to play a few games with a beer in hand, we are the society for you!

More Info:

f: groups/305943550017

Contact Info:

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

We hold weekly sessions from 7:30pm on Mondays in D-Bar (Derwent College).

Committee info

Arbiter (Interim President) & Treasurer - Kieran Randall

Coach - Tom Leah

Secretary - Aaron Stott

Team Captains (University Bishops) - Kieran Randall and Tom Leah (The Bishop Pair)

Team Captain (University Knights) - Cass Gandhi-Livingstone

Tournament Director - Eduardo García-Padilla

You can join this student group by buying one of the memberships below:

Annual Membership - £5.00

Annual Membership