Chemistry Society (Chemsoc)

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Chemsoc is the society for chemists here at York! Throughout the year we aim to run both alcoholic and non-alcoholic events, with a minimum of one social a week. In addition to socials we intend to run career-based lectures/workshops and guest lectures. Our biggest events for the 18/19 year include collaborative events with other science societies such as quadrasci and an inter-science bar quiz, and of course our annual chemsoc summer bbq! All events will be through the facebook so make sure to like our page to receive all your chemsoc updates x

More Info:

f: chemsoc.york

Contact Info:

Sheheryar Altaf Khattak



Meeting Days, Times and Venue

ChemSoc has no regularly scheduled weekly meetings however, we do have regular committee meetings. Our job is to help ensure you have the best 3/4 years of your time here as possible, so if you have any issues, questions or ideas you'd like raised in one of these meetings, please feel free to contact us or ask to meet!

Committee info

Vice Chair: Eren Mirza (

Secretary: Paula Dewey (

Treasurer: James Clegg (

Social Secretaries: Jack Cleary ( and Olivia Grace Shaughnessy (

Social Media: Caitlin Barber (

Merchandise Officers: Grace Langham ( and Yasmin Primrose (


Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.