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If you are looking to try something completely new and different when you come to university and have a passion to explore - why not try caving! Even if you think you will hate it - be brave and have a go! You will visit places few have ever been, see some of the most spectacular sights and experience a true sense of journey. Most of our new members every year have never been caving before. On your first trip our more experienced members will take you to an easier cave and guide you through it helping you along the way. During our training sessions we teach you how to use single rope technique so you can work up to doing some of the harder caving trips. The club is able to provide you with all the gear and equipment you need for your trip making it easy for every beginner to have a go! The club brings lots of opportunities to travel the world and take part in the purest form of exploration with our yearly expeditions. Our exploration overseas has gone from strength to strength since the club started in 1981. In recent years the focus has been on discoveries in Montenegro which has yielded some fantastic new finds. For those who want to stick with more traditional 'sporting' caving we also try to arrange regular holidays abroad such as to the Berger in France, Gibraltar, Slovenia and most recently Sardinia. These tend to be a more relaxed atmosphere with days spent exploring known cave systems as well as some days climbing, canyoning or even just relaxing on a beach in the sun! We have expanded our membership in recent years, to include around thirty regular members active in the club: large enough for there to be trips almost every weekend and a wealth of experience to run things smoothly, but not so large as to compromise our proud reputation and an extremely close and friendly group. We welcome anyone interested in trying out something different and exciting, no matter whether you have any prior experience!

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