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Canoe Polo is a high octane, contact sport between two teams of up to 8 players, five on the pitch at one time. The teams compete to score in goals suspended above the water. Canoe Polo is played in a swimming pool or on any stretch of flat water e.g a lake or canal. Canoe polo is played at a very fast pace; teamwork and positioning are essential in the game. YUCPC welcomes newcomers to the sport, with our array of experienced players ready to pass on their skills.

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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

We have training sessions on Sunday evenings, starting at 20.30 and finishing at 21.00 at Yearsley pool. 

We also have Wednesday afternoon training sessions on the Hes East lake outside the Ron Cooke hub, and occasional early morning sessions on the Ouse during the week. 

Committee info

President: Gabsy Holley 

Treasurer: Hannah Risser

Secretary: George Darling 

Training Officer: Laska Simpson 

Kit Officer: Elspeth Adams

MPP: Maxime Franchot

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Welcome to the greatest sport you've never heard of on campus! We run weekly training sessions at Yearsley Pool as well as on the Ouse. We also compete in regional and national competitions. No prior experience needed, all training is provided at pool sessions! If you have any questions contact us via our Facebook (York Uni Canoe Polo) or email (

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Membership for alumni, staff and non-York University student members

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