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YUCC is York's gateway to the white-water kayaking world. The club offers everyone the perfect opportunity to get involved in a new and exciting sport. It also enables paddlers of all abilities to improve their boating skills whether at flat water and pool sessions, or more advanced river trips. Throughout the year we hold weekly flat water sessions focused on improving basic kayaking skills and trips to rivers across the UK. At the start of the year we organise white water introduction sessions aimed to give beginners their first experience of paddling on moving water as well as teaching basics in river safety and awareness. The highlights of YUCC's calendar are the weekend trips. Once a term we travel further afield to run less accessible rivers, this year these trips were to Scotland, Wales and The Lakes as well as participating in weekend gatherings attended by all major university kayaking clubs. As the abilities of our members progress, professional coaching is offered to those wishing to take their kayaking to the next level; for some this means taking courses in white water safety and rescue. Evolution of the club is enabled by getting our more experience members certified as river safety, that they may help YUCC continue to expand participation in the sport to others in a safe and friendly environment.

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