Brunei-York Society (BruYork)

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BruYork society is a ratified community based organization comprising mainly Bruneian students studying at the University of York, UK.

Our main objective is to offer support and welfare to all Bruneian students within the University and York College and to form connections in the form of friendship with other Brunei-UK societies.

The society is currently working toward realising our goal of connecting and fostering friendly relationship with the larger student body of York through various collaborations and social means as we believe we have so much more to offer.

We offer activities such as:

  • pot luck events,
  • Brunei cultural celebrations
  • and our very own Brunei Night!

More Info:

f: BruYork Society

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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Weekends, evenings, any meeting room available 

Students can join up online by using the link below. You must be logged in using your university account.

Staff/Guests should registered an account then email to verify their account.


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