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Blockchain Development and Research

Blockchain is the revolutionary technology behind cryptocurrencies. It is now being widely researched and applied in various industries such as finance, insurance, air travel and supply chain systems.

An example can of it's applications can be seen here: 

Our society holds weekly events ranging from explanations regarding how Blockchain technology works from it's very basics to more complex specifics regarding implementations in specific cryptocurrencies or applications. The society also has frequent distinguished guest speakers from around Europe speaking about applications of the technology in their respective industries.

We also hold workshops given for those interested in very in-depth technicalities. These include implementing a Blockchain from scratch using Javascript and developing and deploying an Ethereum Smart Contract using Solidity.


Whether you're a maths or engineering student wanting to learn more about the field or an economics or law student wanting to learn about applications of Blockchain in industry to assist with your future investments, this is the society for you!

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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

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Committee info

President:  Henry Dyer

Vice-President: Brian Terry

Treasurer: Emme Thomas

Outreach Director: Stavros Paterakis 

Workshop Director: Ivan Panton

Events Director: Charlotte Wallace

Marketing Officer: Nikos Stavrianos

STEM Ambassador: Josh Smith

Law Ambassador: Emma Tuper-Carey

Computer Science Ambassador: Ahmed Tariq


Additional info

Our first talk "Introduction to Blockchain" can be seen here:

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