Biosciences Society (BioSoc)

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The Biosciences society aims to bring people from all branches of the Biosciences degrees together through fun events, socials and excursions. In previous years this has involved quizzes, movie nights, nights out town, bar crawls, trips to the aquarium or zoo, as well as lectures from departmental speakers.

Supported by the Royal Society of Biology

Contact Info:

President - Radhika Kataria 

Treasurer - Jordan Tzvetkov

Secretary - Julieta O'Flaherty

Email -

Twitter - @UoYBiosoc

Snapchat - Biosocsnaps

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Meeting at least three times per term for socials and usually one large event per term. Meetings in various times and locations which will be advertised as and when they are arranged.

Joining student groups will be available again from September 2018.