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Arab Society

Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Welcome!) to York's Arab Society.

We're a group of multicultural students from all over the Arab world. We come from different backgrounds yet the one thing we have in common is that we share the same Arab identity. As a society, we aim to give some insight into the Arab culture by bringing together Arab and non-Arab students. We pride ourselves with an atmosphere of acceptance reagrdless of our differences. 

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Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Committee members meet regularly to organise events throughout the year that cater to our members who come form all over the world.
Our events include game nights, movie nights, belly dancing masterclasses and so much more! 
As Arabs, we're big on food and drinks (like Araq!) as part of our culture, which is why they are a major aspect that brings us together!


Committee info

Chairs - Aisha Alyammahi & Layan Okkeh

Secretary - Zainab Aysha Ahmed

Treasurer - Celine Al-Saleh

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Annual Membership - £5.00

Annual Membership