Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Anime and Manga Society (AnimeSoc)

We are a special interest group, and run a variety of anime/manga related activities, including a weekly screening of shows selected by our members. We're incredibly active, with quiz nights, gaming nights, socials of varying kinds, as well as weekly screenings of anime that our members vote for each term. We also help organise societal/individual trips to conventions and film festivals.

Contact Info:

Ray Byrom

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Weekly Meetings on Sunday 5-11pm.

Marathon Weekend is normally held in Week 7 from 8pm Friday to Sunday's regular screening.

Socials are held weekly, either on Friday evening or Saturday.

Committee info

Chair: Ray Byrom

Secretary: Millie Bysh

Treasurer: Rachel Crook

Social Secretary: Annie Mason

Bonus Committee: Katie Lanaghan & Scott Dennison

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Annual Membership - £4.00

Annual Membership