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Alcuin College Student Association

Alcuin College, one of the biggest and best colleges at the University of York is the perfect place for beginning student life! Founded in 1967, Alcuin College supports a vibrant community of over 1500 students and postgrads, offering en suite accommodation coupled with fantastic college spirit. We have such a wide variety of events, sports and activities, we really are a college that caters for everything. Whether you want to get involved with everything from Darts to Netball, Volunteering opportunities or our signature pub quizzes and Live Lounges, Alcuin is an inclusive college, sure to have something for everyone, and easily becomes a home away from home.



College Elections

Important dates:

  • Monday 22/10/18 (Week 5) -  Nominations Open

  • Tuesday 30/11/18 (Week 6)- CSAC Info evening (6:30-7:30pm- JCR)

  • Friday 2/11/18 (Week 6) - Nominations Close

  • Monday 5/11/18 (Week 7) - Voting Open

    • Postering/block runs 6:30pm (Lead by returning officers)

  • Tuesday 6/11/18 (Week 7) - Hustings (7pm- Alcuin JCR)

  • Friday 9/11/18 (Week 7) - Voting Closes

  • Sunday 11/11/18 (Week 7)- Election Results (7:30pm Courtyard)

  • Sunday 18/11/18 (Week 8) - College Committee Training Conference 12pm-5pm


For any questions/concerns please contact the returning officers:

James Taylor (Secretary) -

Mia Holley (Treasurer) -

Gabriel Cardoso (College Tutor/Elections assistant)


Alcuin Winter Ball 2018: Save the Date!

Where: National Railway Museum

When: Thursday 22nd November

Tickets on sale Friday 26th October

Contact Info:

President - Emily Ferriby-Gotts -

Secretary - Bethan Willams -

CSAC Account -

Committee info


The CSA College Committee represents all students in Alcuin college. We organise big events during the year from Freshers Week, Winter Ball, Refreshers, Event X, Silent Disco and many more during term. As a committee we aim to uphold college spirit and make sure everyone enjoys their time at Alcuin.




Womens' Wellbeing Representative - Beth Eldridge

Mens' Wellbeing Representative - Nick Davis

Disability Wellbeing Officer - Rebecca Wilcockson

LGBTQ Wellbeing Officer - Mae James

BAME Wellbeing Officer - Janakan Bosch



Social Officer - Ben Jarvis, Sophie Pearson

Raising and Giving - Emma Clark



Environment and Ethics Officer - Ffion Jones

Volunteering Officer - Hope Shooter

Sports Representative - Abi Bailey, Oliver Bryant



Press & Publicity Officer - Matthew Smith

Graphics Officer - Georgie Bullen

Merchandise Officer - Andie Pothecary, Colin Lee


Ordinary Officer - Emily Fradley, Laura Woollard.

Additional info

Get Involved

There are so many different ways to get involved with college life, especially with CSAC events. We hold regular pub quizzes and Live lounge performances across the campus bars, in addition to a number of one off and yearly events, like Fresher’s Week, Refreshers, Winter Ball, Event X and our Summer BBQ.

We hold our committee meetings every Tuesday at 6:30pm in the JCR, and have regular open meetings where the whole college are welcome.

A big part of the committee is focused on well being and RAG (Raising and Giving). Well being and support is a key area that the college really focuses on and excels in, raising awareness for a number of different issues, including mental health, and providing support through activities like exam refuge.

Our RAG charity until January 2019 is The Island, who provide mentoring services in York for children and young people. We also hold a number of RAG events, including a popular Valentines Blind Dates with Vanbrugh. The CSAC also arrange and help support and promote one off volunteering opportunities for students within the college.

If you’d like to know any more about these, please contact Morgan, our VP for Ethical Engagement -

Sports are another big part of college life in Alcuin, and both the CSAC and college staff invest in our sports teams. Currently teams include: Netball, Darts, Rugby, Hockey, Football, Womens Football, Pool, Badminton, Squash and Rounders. We’ve had huge successes over the past years with our Netball and Darts teams, with Netball playing in Roses 2018 and Darts playing Durham in College Varsity.

For further information about sports take a look at our facebook page ( ) or contact our sports officers, Charlotte and Ollie -