Alcuin College Student Association

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Opened in 1967, Alcuin is one of the oldest Colleges at the University of York, acting as a home for a social and diverse community of over 1’500 students both on and off campus. The college not only provides some of the best accommodation at York (leading us to be branded the ‘ensuite elite’), but also one of the strongest senses of community spirit and college pride. Alcuin is well known for its environmental ethos and academic prowess, as well as housing two of the nicest cafes on campus. Free Hangover Lunches, bi-weekly Live Lounges, and Alcuin’s Winter Ball are among some of Alcuin’s proud traditions that help to foster the high level of student engagement we are proud to see year after year.

Contact Info:

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

We meet every Tuesday at 6.30 in the JCR. 

Committee info

Alcuin Exec


Demi Morrison-Bassios (President)


Harshanaa Patel (Vice President for Entertainment and Activities)


Tom Diggins (Vice President for Business and Marketing, Acting Treasurer)


Huw James (Vice President for Wellbeing and Support)


Toby Gould (Secretary)

Alcuin Committee:

Deputy President for Postgraduate Engagement - Chloe Moore

Vice President for Environmental and Charitable Engagement - Joe Scothern

Womens' Wellbeing Officer - Ellie Fenwick, Tara Cahill

Mens' Wellbeing Officer - Sam Linley, Philippe Lefevre

International Officer - Louise Racke, Zita Hui

Disability Wellbeing Officer - Poppie Barnett, Rachel McGlone

LGBTQ Wellbeing Officer - Hannah Risser, Mark Quah

BAME Wellbeing Officer - Roa Tikail

Social Officer - James Taylor, Bea Dunne, Laura Curtis, Emily Ferriby-Gotts

Sports Officer - Samara Jones, Alex Thorpe, Rachael Cameron-Potter

Raising and Giving - Dani Parsons

Environment and Ethics Officer - Alice Binns, Vrinda Gera

Volunteering Officer - Matt Gordon, Tabitha Evans

Social Media/Press & Publicity Officer - Marian Kipchanov, Emma Rowlands, Erin Cottell, Chris Wilby

Merchandise Officer - Beth Richie, Jess Shaw, Alexander Chamberlain-Clay