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Aikido is non-violent martial which uses the opponents aggression against them in such a way as to, not hurt them, but finish the engagement swiftly. The UoY Aikido club is represented by two styles.

Aikikai Aikido  is described as the most traditional form of Aikido. It has retained many of the original form, such as the non-competitive training system. Sessions run on Tuesdays 6-8pm in the Derwent Squash Court.  Sessions are led by a qualified instructor:Ken Marsden (6th dan, Shihan, Senior Instructor and member of the British Aikido Federation's (BAF) technical and grading committees).

Shodokan Aikido or "Sport Aikido" is a competitive branch with regular competitions. Shodokan places more emphasis on free-form randori sparring and sets of training drills. The class runs on Fridays 8-10pm at the Derwent Squash court and is led by both professional and student instructors.

 Opportunities to take grading in both styles are available along with the possibility of traveling to  competitions and other Dojo's in England.

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Aikikai Sessions: Every Tuesday; 6-8pm; Derwent Squash court.

Shodokan Sessions: Every Friday; 8-10pm; Derwent Squash court.

Committee info

Robin Ashwin - President

Ina Zile - Treasurer

Rebecca Howarth - Secretary for Aikikai

Jamie Brazier - Secretary for Shodakan

Additional info

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