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As a fitness society we promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and see Aerobics as a great fun way to exercise and tone. Aerobics caters for all levels of fitness with classes occurring up to 7 times a week over 4 days, ranging from toning, HiiT and a standard aerobics class. For more details and information on times and classes, join the University of York Aerobics Society Facebook page. 

More Info:

f: groups/2223569351

Contact Info:

Francesca Seabrook- Aerobics President

Meeting Days, Times and Venue

Mon - 5:15-5:45 (HIIT*) or 6-7 (Toning) James Hall
Wed - 5:15 - 5:45 (HIIT) or 6-7 (Aerobics) Hendrix Hall
Fri - 5:15-5:45 (HIIT) or 6-7 (Aerobics) James Hall
Sat - 6-7 (Toning) James Hall
*High-intensity interval training: an exercise strategy alternating short periods of exercise with minimum recovery periods.

Please join the facbook group at: to keep up to date with class times and venues. 

Students can join up online by using the link below. You must be logged in using your university account.

Staff/Guests should registered an account then email to verify their account.


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