2018 Shortlisters

Teacher of the Year

We are looking for teaching staff who are at the forefront of developing teaching methods that meet the needs of different types of learners. A lecturer who consistently delivers stimulating lectures that communicates subject knowledge in a clear way as well as providing opportunities for discussion and debate. These nominees make themselves avaiable to students and give help outside of contact hours in addition to prompt, informative feedback.

Teacher of the Year

  • Emma Rand - Biology

  • Mark Egan - Management

  • Philip Roberts - Politics

  • Richard Carter - TFTV


Supervisor of the Year

We are looking for academic supervisors who are a constant source of enthusiasm and maximise students' potential. A supervisor who provide honest and open feedback as well as having a clear concern for the wellbeing of their supervisee, making themselves available when needed and providing relevant information. These nominees help students think about their future, remembers previous discussions and proactively follows up on them.

Supervisor of the Year

  • David Graham - Health Sciences

  • Jess Wardman - Management

  • Marika Kullberg - Biology & HYMS

  • Sally Hancock - Education


PhD Research Supervisor of the Year

We are looking for PhD Supervisors who are truly dedicated and work flexibly with their supervisees. A supervisor who provides challenging, well-structured supervision in a nuturing environment. These nominees help their supervisees develop professionally and build their confidence by giving them every opportunity to contribute to their field.

PhD Research Supervisor of the Year
  • Claire Chambers - English

  • Ian Bancroft - Biology

  • Richard Ogden - Language & Linguistic Science

  • Vanita Sundaram - Education


GTA of the Year

We are looking for Graduate Teaching Assistants who deliver quality, enthusiastic teaching that brings a fresh perspective to module content. A GTA who endeavours to make their contact time valuable and effecitvely contributes to the student academic experience. These nominees are knowledgable, reliable and always give constructive advice to students.

GTA of the Year

  • Blair Apgar - History of Art

  • Jack Shepherd - Physics

  • Mark Dowsett - Chemistry

  • Rowling Hu - Education


Unsung Hero of Non-academic Staff

We are looking for non-academic staff who support and improve students' academic experience, regardless of their role. Someone who constantly and gladly goes above and beyond their call of duty. These nominees are always approachable, welcoming and on hand when needed and have made long-lasting positive impressions.

Unsung Hero of Non-academic Staff

  • Auriel Hamilton - Langwith College

  • Geoff Krause - Language & Linguistic Science

  • Louise Prendergast - Law

  • Steve Foster - TFTV


Most Inspiring

We are looking for staff who set shining examples to both students and staff with their passion and energy. Someone who demonstrates love for their work which is infectious or whose own achievements motivates students to strive for excellence. These nominees encourages students to make the most out of their time at university, whether academically, socially or personally.

Most Inspiring

  • Andrew Chadwick - Electronic Engineering

  • Darren Goffin - Biology

  • Kenneth Clarke - English

  • Seishi Shimizu - Biochemistry


Outstanding Feedback

We are looking for teaching staff who consistently give timely and constructive feedback which is more than just a grade. Feedback that explains both what students have done well and how they can improve. These nominees recognise that students want to improve regardless of what score they receive and provide tailored feedback that drives students to gain a better understanding of their subject.

Outstanding Feedback

  • George Younge - English

  • Katie Giles - Archaeology

  • Mark Egan - Management

  • Norman Yeo - Language & Linguistic Science


Supporting the Student Voice

We are looking for staff who not only listen to the student voice but act on it to make positive changes. Someone who takes on feedback with an open mind and cooperative attitude, enthusiastically working with students and engaging them on an equal footing. These nominees actively promote collaborative learning environments and genuinely value the student perspective.

Supporting the Student Voice
  • Lauren Tomasello - YUSU

  • Paul Johnson - Sociology

  • Richard Waites - Biology

  • Shirley-Ann Rueschemeyer - Psychology


Promoting Equality and Diversity

We are looking for staff who develop their curriculum to include a diverse range of voices and opinions. Someone who supports students and staff from any background to achieve in their field or career. These nominees go above and beyond to ensure there is accurate representation of staff and students with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Promoting Equality & Diversity


  • Jon McGovern - English

  • Mariana Lopez - TFTV


Supporting Accessibility

We are looking for staff who ensure that their online provisions not only meets, but exceeds accessibility obligations. Someone who encourages staff or students with accessibility requirements to play an active role in developing the curriculum. These nominees adapt their practice to ensure that their sessions are truly accessible for all.

Supporting Accessibility


  • Claire Shanks - Disability Services

  • James Browne - Disability Services

  • Richard Waites - Biology

Championing Careers

We are looking for staff who help students explore different career options and not just the obvious choices. Someone who provide opportunities for students to gain experience and skills that will benefit them in the workplace. These nominees encourages students to consider how their degree fits into the wider world and inspires them to achieve great career aspirations.

Championing Careers

  • Dareen Goffin - Biology

  • David Pitcher - Psychology

  • Jocelyn Parker - Management

  • Matt Jones - Management