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YUSU is a member organisation of the National Union of Students (NUS). The NUS represents 7 million students across the UK and campaigns to promote and improve student rights. Like YUSU, the NUS is a democratic, student-led organisation and has elected Officers who run campaigns on a wide range of issues and respond to the membership's policy ideas. 

From the 8th to 11th of April, 2019 in Glasgow, the NUS will hold its annual National Conference, the largest democratic gathering of students in the world. YUSU has 5 spaces for delegates to go to National Conference. One is automatically given to the Union President, but the four others are open for any student at York University to be elected!

Voting is open until 12:00pm midday on Friday 23rd of November. There are 16 candidates hoping to be elected to 4 delegate positions, so make sure you read their manifestos and rank your favorites to have a say in how you are represented at NUS National Conference!