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Give Keystone Live Action Roleplay a Go with GARYSoc!

Give It A Go

Give Keystone Live Action Roleplay a Go with GARYSoc!

Starts: 28 April 2019 12:00 pm

Ends: 28 April 2019 16:00 pm

Location: D/L/002

Come down and give Keystone Live Action Roleplay (LARP) a go! LARP is a type of roleplaying where you physically represent your character. You don't just describe your players actions to a game master - instead you act them out yourself, from swinging a sword to quaffing a drink. We’ll go through the basics of the world, creating a character, and how combat works. You'll then take your new characters through a mission somewhere in the fantastical world of the Reach!


Free Sign Up - £0.00

Sign up in advance to help us with numbers! We ask for people to sign up in advance so we can contact them later about feedback. We will also pass this data onto the session hosts, who may choose to contact you in advance of the Give it a Go session, or afterwards to discuss continuing with their group. We may also tell you about further ways to get involved in Give it a Go.

1 ticket(s) per person.