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Achieve Your Goals: Coaching Workshop

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Achieve Your Goals: Coaching Workshop

Starts: 06 June 2019 14:30 pm

Ends: 06 June 2019 16:00 pm

Location: Your Space

Have a goal but not sure how to reach it?
Clear on how to reach your goal, but want to maximise performance?
Feeling a bit confused about your aims, and would like to establish clarity?

Coaching will help you gain awareness of your situation and give you the tools needed to move forward.

We are offering two FREE coaching workshops. Within each 90-minute session, we will take you through the GROW model to break down your situation into smaller, more manageable steps. Then, it will look at how you can use your strengths to generate more options for yourself. Lastly, the session will get you to use the Wheel of Life to explore your values and beliefs, and whether they are aligned with the actions you want to take.

Interactive and engaging, come along to this fantastic personal development opportunity.


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This is a free ticket for access to the coaching workshop.

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