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Poetry at the Pub with the York-Juba Anthology!

Give It A Go

Poetry at the Pub with the York-Juba Anthology!

Starts: 23 April 2019 19:00 pm

Ends: 23 April 2019 23:30 pm

Location: Vanbrugh Arms

"Write drunk; edit sober." T. S. Eliot... or maybe that was Hemingway? Either way - seems like a good enough excuse!
Come and meet our friendly York committee and enjoy an alcohol-inspired poetry session - but non-drinkers are welcome too! Collaborative or solo is totally up to you. You drink & write, we'll edit & publish. Whether you're a seasoned poet, feel like giving it a go or if you're just in it for the booze, come along and try it out! 


Free Sign Up - £0.00

Sign up in advance to help us with numbers! We ask for people to sign up in advance so we can contact them later about feedback. We will also pass this data onto the session hosts, who may choose to contact you in advance of the Give it a Go session, or afterwards to discuss continuing with their group. We may also tell you about further ways to get involved in Give it a Go.

1 ticket(s) per person.