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YUSU RAG: Jailbreak 2019

Raising and Giving

YUSU RAG: Jailbreak 2019

Starts: 15 March 2019 10:00 am

Ends: 16 March 2019 16:00 pm

Location: York


It's Week 10 of Spring Term and assessments have been handed in. Want to get away and challenge yourself all in the name of charity? - then get involved in Jailbreak!

Using only your charm and initiative, your team of three have 30 hours to get as far away from York as possible without using your own money. With past competitors getting as far as the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, how far will you get??

It's the cheapest RAG challenge on campus at only £7 to sign up and £125 fundraising target. The money you will raise will go to the Meningitis Research Foundation who work tirelessly to rid the world of Meningitis and Septicaemia, illnesses that commonly affect students, making this a cause close to our hearts. For more information about the cause visit their website:

Information Session details:

Date: Monday 14th January Time: 6.30pm Location: P/L/001

Date: Thursday 31st January Time: 6.30pm Location: P/L/002

We look forward to seeing how far you will go. Will you beat the record?
If you have any questions, get in touch with YUSU RAG at


Jailbreak 2019 Participant - £7.00

This ticket officially registers you as participant in Jailbreak 2019, and by purchasing this ticket, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

Buy a ticket - what happens next?

  • Sign up online (by 12pm on the 18th February 2019 - WEEK 7) and pay a registration fee, covering the costs of the Jailbreak website where you can track your location, check in and show where you are in the world on the Jailbreak as well as your security alarm
  • Find a team of three to participate with
  • Raise £125 or £375 as a group by 12pm on the 7th March 2019 - (WEEK 9)
  • Attend the compulsory pre-departure meeting on Thursday 7th March at 6pm
  • Friday, Week 10 - Try and get as far away from campus as possible in 30 hours!

Terms and Conditions for Participation in Jailbreak 2019 (below or available via this link:

  1. To take part in Jailbreak, it is essential participants register individually online or in person agreeing to the terms and conditions before the date set by YUSU RAG for registration end - 12pm on 18th February 2019. If you do not register online before this date, you will not be able to participate in Jailbreak.

  2. Participants of Jailbreak must travel in teams of three persons. Participants must never travel alone, or split up to get a lift. Team members must stay together at al times.

  3. Teams must be registered with all three participants details by 5pm on 22nd February 2019 and have completed the Google Form with their team details and Fundraising page links.

  4. Participants must be over 18 years old.

  5. It is highly recommended that participants, once registered, organise for an purchase their own travel insurance. Meningitis Research Foundation and YUSU RAG will not cover the costs of any expenses incurred by participants of Jailbreak.

  6. International students participating in Jailbreak must seek advice regarding visas and obtain necessary documentation before travelling.

  7. YUSU RAG does not condone hitchhiking under any circumstances, but should participants choose to hitch, they must not thumb for lifts either in the slip roads of motorways or actually on the motorways as this is illegal. Make sure you are safe - if in doubt, don’t get in the vehicle!

  8. Before participants leave, they must have the following items with them:

  • An EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)*

  • Travel insurance documents

  • A valid passport (with a photocopy)*

  • A fully-charged mobile phone, with international roaming and plenty of prepaid credit if necessary

  • Phone charger with European plug

  • Your Jailbreak T-shirt

  • The contact details of Jailbreak ‘Headquarters’ (HQ)

  • A camera or mobile phone with camera facility

  • An attack alarm

  • Some money to buy some souvenirs at your destination It might also be an idea to take a debit/credit card with you, in case of an emergency.

  • *Unless the participant wishes to restrict travel to within the UK*

  1. Participants must check in with Jailbreak HQ every three hours, unless when outlined to HQ that participants are going to sleep, where they must check in by 7am. If a participant is on a flight and unable to check in, see (point 10).

  2. Whenever participants take a flight, train or ferry, or any other vehicle, they must contact HQ. Participants must provide HQ with their flight number, ferry or train details, or vehicle registration number. As well as this, the vehicle type, expected time of arrival and destination must also be sent to HQ.

  3. Every time participants cross a border, team members must contact HQ.

  4. Participants must carry contact details of any emergency contacts (eg: parents, doctors) and must also provide YUSU RAG with these same details prior to the event.

  5. If participants are doubtful that any pre-existing health conditions they have will have affect their safety, or ability to take part in Jailbreak, they must seek medical advice before taking part in the event.

  6. Participants must not consume alcohol or any non-prescription drugs whilst taking part in the Jailbreak event.

  7. If participants require taking prescription medication for a health condition, they must ensure that they take enough supplies of this medication with them to cover the duration of the event, and enough supplies for if they decide to delay their return home.

  8. When participants have reached their final destination at the end of the 30 hours, they must:

  • Take a photograph of the team in their Jailbreak t-shirts beside a significant landmark (if possible)

  • Buy or blag proof of the date and location of your final destination eg. Newspaper, metro ticket

  • Send a postcard from their destination to YUSU RAG

As well as share final location with Jailbreak HQ via email, phone or text.

  1. Participants must submit all sponsorship forms, money raised and evidence of final location (photos, newspapers etc.) to YUSU RAG and/or Meningitis Research Foundation by Sunday 15th April 2019.

  2. Prizes will be awarded after all the evidence and money raised have been received by YUSU RAG and/or Meningitis Research Foundation.

  3. Failure to comply with these rules and guidelines could lead to personal injury.

  4. YUSU RAG and Meningitis Research Foundation will not be responsible for any action that contravenes the rules.

Declaration: By completing my registration via the YUSU Website or in person, I confirm that I have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions of participation as provided by YUSU RAG.

Any questions regarding any of the above terms and conditions please contact the Fundraising and Volunteering Coordinator (Jasmine Pledger -

Participants will be able to purchase tickets to get involved from 7pm on the 14th January 2019.


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