Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

Derwent College Refreshers' 2019

Derwent College Junior Common Room

Derwent College Refreshers' 2019

Starts: 12 January 2019 10:00 am

Ends: 20 January 2019 02:30 am

Location: D bar

Your new JCRC brings you the perfect end to exams, with an action-packed week 2 - bringing the opportunity to let off some steam and get involved with something new. From great club nights to trying out a new sport, give your new year a refreshing start this refreshers week.

- LOST IN D JUNGLE £3 ADV | £5 OTD | £7 Fibbers + D event bundle

Join us for a trip to a land far from the 60s architecture of Derwent College as we take you to the depths of the jungle. Pack your trekking gear and mosquito nets for a huge refreshers welcome back party.

Jungle photo booth
Tropical Cocktails
+more TBA

- FIBBERS VS JAMES £5 individually online or OTD, or buy a ticket for both the D event and Fibbers vs James for just £7.

Derwent return to Fibbers nightclub to show once again that we can have more fun than James college...



Fibbers vs James ONLY Ticket - £5.50

1x entry to Fibbers vs James College event


Does not include Club D admission

1 ticket(s) per person.


Lost in D Jungle ONLY Ticket - £3.50

1x entry to "Lost in D Jungle" club D event

DOES NOT INCLUDE Fibbers vs James event entry - this will be £5 individually or OTD


1 ticket(s) per person.


Derwent Refreshers Bundle Ticket - £7.50

1x entry to the club D during refreshers week

1x entry to Fibbers vs James

5 ticket(s) per person.