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Give Aikido a Go!

Give It A Go

Give Aikido a Go!

Starts: 18 January 2019 20:00 pm

Ends: 18 January 2019 22:00 pm

Location: Derwent Squash Courts

Shodokan Aikido is an effective traditional Japanese martial art. It is open to anyone, whether you have done a martial art before or not! We are focused towards effective techniques for use in competition, as well as self defence, and exercise. The first few sessions are free and we also have three sessions in town a week - so come on down and Give Aikido A Go!


Free Sign Up - £0.00

Sign up in advance to help us with numbers! We ask for people to sign up in advance so we can contact them later about feedback. We will also pass this data onto the session hosts, who may choose to contact you in advance of the Give it a Go session, or afterwards to discuss continuing with their group. We may also tell you about further ways to get involved in Give it a Go.

1 ticket(s) per person.