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Adventure Sports Trips: Gorge Walking in Peak District

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Adventure Sports Trips: Gorge Walking in Peak District

Starts: 13 October 2018 12:00 pm

Ends: 13 October 2018 19:00 pm

Location: Meet outside the Roger Kirk Centre for travel to the venue.

What We Provide: Lost Earth Adventures provides you with all the specialist equipment necessary for your day in the gorge. Our qualified and experienced guides will show you all the ins and outs of gorge scrambling and ensure your day is great! So relax, take in the views and prepare for a fantastic adventure!

What to Bring With You - Gorge Walking 
•       Comfortable and warm clothes to change into after we come out of the gorge
•       Camera
•       Spending money for tea/snacks
•       Towel
•       Pair of board shorts or old trousers to wear over the wetsuit to protect it
•       Old boots or trainers you don’t mind getting wet (must be closed toe and sturdy)
•       Swimwear to wear under the wetsuit, please arrive wearing this already under your clothes
•       If you wish to wear something under the wetsuit please make sure it is not cotton (rash vest, technical hiking ‘T’ shirt or similar)
•       You may bring your own wetsuit along if you have one, otherwise Lost Earth Adventures will supply you with one.
•       Old boots or shoes you don’t mind getting wet. Must be closed toe and sturdy. If you do not have strong enough footwear you may not be allowed to take part. Wellies, hiking boots and trainers are good. Thin plimsoll trainers and neoprene wetsuit shoes/boots are not OK. This is a vigorous activity scrambling over slippery rocks and climbing waterfalls where it is easy to twist an ankle and have rocks or people squish your feet. The footwear must also be done up tight as footwear that can easily fall off is dangerous. 

Important: Please do not wear any jewellery, especially; rings, belly button rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Tickets are off sale 3rd of October! So book now!


Ticket - £30.00


Ticket includes transport and wetsuit rental.

1 ticket(s) per person. 0 tickets remaining.


Regular ticket - £31.00

Includes wetsuit rental and transport.

1 ticket(s) per person.